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I love learning about how things work. I realized that everything that surrounds us has two things in common, that the result had a process and that it has been a project at some point.

That is why I decided to study Industrial Engineering and specialize in Project Management, with the intention of understanding what is behind it, learning about the processes involved, what is needed to achieve that result, as well as process improvement techniques, such as Lean Management.

I am looking for an opportunity that allows me to develop my skills and advance a career, to be able to add value with my knowledge to generate that final result that has a positive impact on a group of people.

My Education

This is my educational journey, so far. I consider myself a very resourceful and proactive person, always finding solutions, in a effective and creative way. You can see by my education that I embrace technology and apply it to everything that I do.

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Industrial Engineering

Andrés Bello Catholic University, Venezuela

2012 – 2018

Masters In Project Management

Basque Country University, Bilbao

2019 – Present

Lean Management

EOI (Escuela de Organización Industrial), Spain


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialization

California University, Davis 2021

My Portfolio (Engineering)

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Other Recent Projects

Led Lights Mood

Website building, keyword mapping, and search engine optimized web.

Wiser Broker

Project management, website design, search engine optimization strategy, and implementation.

GD Services

Project management of branding and web design. Search Engine Optimization and social media visibility

Why hiring me?

  • Engineer with lean management skills
  • Technology embracer
  • Marketing perspective
  • I’m registered in “Garantía Juvenil,” which means your company gets compensation for hiring me
  • Scientific and creative thinking
  • Ready to start now